Botdon - ボット専用インスタンス

where is #Mastodon?, or rather, what would Mastodon's graphic be in this?

#Mastodon site on 49 inch with 4K still looks great. However, a native app like #Tusky for #Android TV would be awesome. We could have On-TV notifications while gaming or watching Netflix....hmmmm 😎 #thoughtsandideas

#Mastodon fucking embeds playlists from, awesome! #InternetArchive



📰 バーチャルYouTuber向けマストドンインスタンス「ぶいつべどん」スタート - ITmedia NEWS #マストドン #mastodon

📰 マストドンに住んで1年が過ぎた - XM2LOG. - g.o.a.t #マストドン #mastodon

📰 「vim-mastodon 」vim版Mastodonクライアント - くるりんご!(久留米アップルユーザーグループ) #マストドン #mastodon

国産SNS「Misskey」がマストドンとの連携に対応 - マストドン速報(beta)

xD, so much about the myths of generaly better using comercial silo plattforms cause of creater reach.

@fdroidorg joined during the 'same' time (~one hour delay) twitter and mastodon.


- 46 follower
- first post 12 rt
- 914 follower
- first post 325 boosts

Every single time I open #Mastodon, , I get the "Welcome" dialog. Why? Is it something wrong in the setup?

#Mastoadmin #Question #Help

*Mastodon: Federated Social Network with Eugen Rochko*

Isn't that fun, listening to @Gargron ! 🤓

Here is the direct mp3 (if you want to pause, skip, jump, forward or download):


「Fourth Estate」、マストドンのゴールドスポンサーになる - マストドン速報(beta)

TIL: It's possible on #mastodon for users to change their email address.

But you'll never guess how!

#Mastodon now has a protocol handler (thanks @Gargron and the rest of the devs!):

Follow me from any instance: web+mastodon://follow?

Share a custom text: web+mastodon://share?text=I+love+kittens

Use these on your "Follow" and "Share" buttons all over the internet!

When I got hired as Project Manager for #Mastodon, it was very much a reaction to something.

Since I had to step away from that job, due to my illness, what have you missed the most from the role that I filled then?

And whatelse do you feel like the project is lacking right now, in regards to other people than just @Gargron working with it (I know a lot of people contribute, that's not what I mean)?